The Vdara: My New Favorite Las Vegas Hotel

You might be able to tell from a couple of my last posts that I was recently in Las Vegas. I spent about 8 days (I’m impressed I survived!) in Veags over Thanksgiving.

Las Vegas City Center
Las Vegas City Center

The first part of the trip was a solo event, I hadn’t taken a vacation in a while so I just wanted to relax. The second part was meeting up with a bunch of friends for Thanksgiving and the few days after.

Because I had a split trip, I decided to book two different hotels in one week.

Not something I normally do, but honestly, I really wanted to stay somewhere nice the first part of my trip, since I wouldn’t be seeing much of the room the second half.

So, here’s what I did.

For the first half I had a couple of requirements.

First, the hotel had to be on the strip, or walking distance to it, I didn’t want to bother with shuttle buses and all that.

Second, I wanted a suite. I had a day trip planned out of Vegas to Valley of Fire State Park, but other than that I was going to be spending more time than ususal in the room.

Plus, since I work from my laptop, I wanted a comfy place to fire up the Wifi (yea Wifi is a non-negotional for me now) and keep in touch with my clients.

And I just wanted to feel like a baller for a few nights. Can’t blame a girl, can you?

Finally, not a must have but a would be nice, but I was really hoping to have a little kitchen in the place. Since I knew I’d be spending more on the hotel, I was hoping to save some money on meals and whip up a few quick bites to eat in the room.

What I landed on was The Vdara.

Vdara Hotel and Spa
The Vdara Hotel and Spa

And let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed.

The Vdara was nothing short of awesome.

It’s an all suite hotel, mine was a junior suite, still it was big at almost 600 square feet. And, what I loved was it was casino free, so no blast of cigarette smoke, no ding ding ding all hours of the day, it was pure relaxation.

The room itself was perfect for my needs. It was designed in a very contemporary style, with really high class finshings. There were three distinct areas in the room, sleeping, seating and dining.

PLUS, the room came with a kitchenette, perfect for my needs.

Talk about luxury, I loved this room, I barely wanted to leave.

Everything about it was comfy and welcoming, and don’t even get me started on the bathroom. It had the most kick ass bathtub I’ve ever seen. It was literally about 4 feet deep!

Vdara hotel two bedroom loft living room
Vdara hotel two bedroom loft living room

The location of the Vdara was also perfect. It’s smack in the middle of the strip, so it was just about a 15 minute walk to New York, New York and another 15 to Caesars. Set back about a block from the strip, you really do feel like you’re kinda away from it all.

But, if you do get the gambling bug which I did a couple nights, the Bellagio is attached to the Vdara down a long walkway, and the Aria shares the same driveway.

Next time you’re in Vegas, you gotta book the Vdara to stay.

And, I’ll give you a little pro-tip here, if you want to get a good price, follow this two step process. First sign up for MLife, it’s a sort of bonus program for the MGM based casinos in Vegas. One you’ve signed up for that, get your MLife account and THEN book the hotel through that site.

Usually, you can get a pretty good deal.

And, stay tuned, next week we’ll cover how I took care of the second half of my stay by hanging out at the Tropicana.

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