Things to know before Tibet trekking

As the highest region on the planet, with amazing scenery and tranquil views mixed with natural lakes and snow-capped mountains, Tibet has become a popular travel destination for all adventurers in the world.

Tibet is widely known for the majestic monasteries and temples, for the unique tradition and culture, but also the greatest trek routes.

Many of the travelers visit Tibet just because of the incredible trekking routes, which proudly challenge all adventurers eager for adrenaline and unique adventure.

Because of the distinctive areas where are the trek routes, there are some essential things that every trekker should know before going on Tibet trekking.

If you are planning your first adventure in 2020 to go to Tibet, here are the most vital things that you should know before start packing.

trek in Tibet

Book your Trekking in Tibet via Travel Agency

The first and crucial thing for all travelers who want to visit Tibet is to know that it is forbidden to travel alone in Tibet. All foreign tourists must have booked a tour via a travel agency, must be accompanied by licensed travel guide, and must have organized transport with driver.

Without this, you can not visit Tibet.

But the travel agencies have offers for private tours in Tibet, and that is a positive thing if you don’t want to be on a group tour with crowds of people. Most of the group tours for Tibet are with 15 tourists. So, you will have an opportunity to choose what kind of Tibet trekking tour you would like to travel to Tibet.

The private tour maybe is a little more expensive than a group tour, but there are so many advantages with a private tour.

Chinese visa and Tibet Travel Permit

Another very important thing when you are planning trekking in Tibet. If you are going from mainland China to Tibet, you will need to have a Chinese visa and then apply for a Tibet Travel Permit.

For a Chinese visa, you can apply online or directly to the Chinese embassy in your country. If you are planning to travel to Tibet via Nepal, you don’t need a Chinese Visa in advance. The travel agency will help you to apply for a Group China visa in the Chinese embassy in Kathmandu, and it would require a few days for them in Kathmandu before they enter Tibet.

Tibet Travel Permit is not a visa. It is a document that will allow you to enter Tibet.

After you get a Chinese visa, you will send a copy of your passport to your travel agent, and they will apply for Tibet Travel Permit on your behalf.

Packing for Tibet trekking

Packing for trekking in Tibet is a little different from other trekking tours because of the high altitude where the treks routes are. Most of the trekking routes are at an average elevation of 4000 meters above sea level, but also because of the harsh weather at that altitude.

What clothes you should pack

A warm down coat

Rain- gear

Cotton T-shirts, both long and short sleeves

2 or 3 sweaters


3-4 pair of windproof pants

A pair of lightweight trousers

Thermal underwear

Woolen and polypropylene socks

Comfortable hiking boots and shoes are required


Warm hat



Warm gloves

Gaiters (optional),


Scarf (optional),

Trekking poles


A water bottle,

One small bag for dirty clothes.

Hygiene items

Toothpaste and toothbrush


Feminine products

Shaving products


Sunscreen, with SPF 35 or higher

lip balm

anti-bacterial hand sanitizer

small hand-held mirror (optional)

travel size shampoo and soap

wet wipes

toilet paper

band-aids and moleskin for blisters.

Must have equipment for Tibet trekking

Sleeping bags,

Sleeping mats,

lightweight, quick-drying towel

Water filters and purifiers,

70 liter (or bigger) backpack,

Dry bags,

Hydration system,

Headlamps and torch,


Swiss Army Knives,

Medicine for Tibet trekking



Ibuprofen- medicine for cold, headache, stomachache, diarrhea, nausea, insect bite, etc


First Aid Kit with all necessary items

Optional Accessories

iPod, Ipad


Extra batteries


Extra memory cards

Travel to Tibet by train

Traveling to Tibet from mainland China is the best option for travelers, and for that reason, in this article, we will give you the ways of traveling to Tibet from China.

The best way to get to Tibet is by train.

While being the cheapest option, the train journey to Lhasa is an unforgettable experience filled with stunning landscapes and views of untouched natural beauty. Also, traveling by train from Beijing to Lhasa is a great way to get well acclimatization.

Known as the highest railway in the world, Qinghai-Tibet Railway is the only railway to Lhasa. The only disadvantage of traveling by train is a long time for travel. From Beijing to Lhasa, you will spend around 42 hours on the train. Well, that is enough time to get gradual acclimatization but also to see all the beautiful scenery the train passes through.

Best Tibet trekking routes

Before going to Tibet trekking, you should know the best trekking routes in the area. Of course, your travel agent will help you with the choice. However, it’s nice to know the best and most popular routes.

Ganden to Samye Trekking route

Ganden to Samye trek is one of the most popular treks in Tibet, and also one of the best treks in the world.

The route begins from Ganden Monastery at an altitude of 4180meters, passing Shogu-La Pass at 5250meters and end at Samye Monastery at 3540meters. The trekking route is 80km long, and most of the trekking tours are four to five days.

This trekking route is combined with blue lakes, high snowy passes, and mountains, beautiful meadows, it passes through tranquil Tibetan villages and sporadic herders’ camp.

The best time to go on this trek route is from May to September.

Mt. Kailash trek


Mount Kailash trek is also known as Mt. Kailash Kora, and it is the holiest trekking route not just in Tibet, but also in Asia.

The Mt. Kailash Kora starts from Darchen and passes through barren plains, valleys, and alongside snow-capped mountains. The trek usually includes around four-day journey around Mt. Kailash and Manasarovar Lake.

On the way, you will come across the pilgrims who are walking around Mt. Kailash. After the Kora, the pilgrims are taking a bath in Lake Manasarovar, believing that they will wash away the sins of this life.

The best time to visit Mount Kailash is between April and June, and from September and October.

Mount Everest Trekking Route

Mt. Everest trekking route is the second most popular trek in Tibet. Many of the adventurers visit Tibet because of the Mt. Everest trek route. It is one of the hardest trekking routes, because of the high altitude with over 4,300 meters. However, the high altitude gives hikers the astonishing view over the North Side of Mount Everest and the mountains around.

The trek begins in Old Tingri, and you pass through Rachu and Lungjang as your head south towards Everest in the distance and ends at Rongbuk Monastery.

Everest Base Camp is closed from January 2019, and the highest point that trekkers can reach is Rongbuk Monastery.

The best time to go on Mt. Everest trek is from April to early June and from September to October.

Tibet has so many fantastic trekking routes, such as Tsurpu to Yangpachen Trek, Gyama Valley Trek, Shalu to Narthang, Advanced Everest Camp, and many other exciting treks.

Last thoughts

If you’re planning on going to Tibet next spring, you should start looking for the best travel agency with the best trekking offers for your trip.

The excellent and reliable travel agency will help you with all the necessary information about your trip and to answer all your questions before you start packing. Choose a travel agency wisely, read reviews before you book a tour, and be careful with the payment.

Tibet trekking is unique and one in a lifetime experience filled with majestic landscape views, and that are more than enough reasons to consider booking trekking tours for the next 2020.

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