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With the Blog4NZ 72 hour blitz winding down, I am grateful to have been able to help by posting up a fantastic piece and video by Jim McIntosh at Holes in My Soles.

As we all know by now, I have not been to New Zealand myself, however its only my #1 spot to visit, and is on the docket for 2012 (finally)! So, if any of you are like me, and are easily swayed by blog posts of amazing stories of beautiful scenery, friendly people and unforgettable experiences, coupled with breathtaking pictures, or if you’ve seen Lord of the Rings (shout out to the nerds), then allow me to provide you some easy pickings of trips to New Zealand of various budgets but all within two weeks of travel.

Take a jaw-dropping voyage through the South Island with this trip with Gap Adventures. Wine, snow capped mountains, sky diving over crystal clear lakes….umm yes please!

Don’t forget, they have glacier’s on New Zealand! Get some practice with your crampons with National Geographic Expeditions.

Any closet Rudyard Kipling fans out there? Since he did call Milford Sound the “8th Wonder of the World,” why not check it out from a sea kayak, REI will get you there.

Want a little partaay time when you aren’t off-roading, or bungee jumping? It’s ok, your picture taking finger might want a rest too, try out a more laid back adventure.

There could be no better way to see a place than living with the land, ok, well roughing it. Hey, its cheap, its fun and I’m sure totally unforgettable. Check out the North Island, Maori culture and tide pools with the best of the thermal north.

Don’t forget, New Zealand is filled with possibilities, and is an outdoors-man or woman’s dream, love to bike spend a couple days on a cycle tour of wine country. Maybe you’re more of an organized sportsman, cheer for your home country at the 2011 Rugby World Cup this fall.

Or, take some time and plan your own trip, use these guides as guides, check out the blogs by all the Kiwi’s out there, and just ask, you will get a ton of great ideas. Happy planning, and if anyone else is looking at NZ2012, let me know, we can grab a drink!

Check out some great pictures below, courtesy of, of all the amazing things you can do there. They are OPEN for business!

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  • Great article Liz, have a great trip next year! You will love it!

  • Liz

    Thanks John, I appreciate you reading and commenting!