For the Win #3

Audio books are my new best friend. Yes, I know, I’m a little late to the party, but better late than never right?

I love to read, but going with my all over the place personality, I usually get way too many books at once, and then start reading five books, which can be problematic, especially since I almost exclusively read non-fiction, which at times can be a little dense.

I also currently have a pretty long commute to work, about 40 minutes each way and it can get pretty boring listening to the same 20 songs on radio play lists, or people yelling at each other on talk radio, and since I love to learn, I figured this would be a good thing.

The best part of audio books, I’ve discovered, is the different formats they come in. I can get actual CD’s for the car, BUT what I really love is that they come in mp3 form. Which means download to iPod and boom, books to go. Perfect for travel, now instead of carrying at least two books with me on vacations, I have none, I can downsize, immediately freeing up weight and space, and depending on the available space on your mp3 player, you can have as many books as you can fit.

If, like me, you are attempting to live a more frugal lifestyle, and don’t want to fork out the dough on iTunes for audio books, use the library. Many library consortiums have digital media collections, which allow you to download an audio book (or ebook) on to your computer and then to your mp3 player. Some last a few weeks, some you can keep forever, but all are totally free.

I find myself blowing through books pretty quickly, and since I seem to have a never ending list of ‘oh I want to read that,’ it has definitely helped.

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