10 Best Water Shoes For Toddlers 2023

You cannot keep kids away from water. It could be related to some water activity or merely playing around the pool. For such events, you should be ready with the best water shoes for toddlers and put them on every time they are indulged in water activities.

There was a time when no such thing as water shoes was invented. Kids usually experienced falls and accident because of the water. Thankfully, the water shoes are created with an agenda to put an end to pointless slippage and fall because of water.

However, buying the best water shoes won’t be as easy as picking a pair of sneakers for your child. You want to purchase something comfortable and performance-savvy at the same time. Well, in this guide, we will walk through some of the essential options available in the market and also discuss the trick of purchasing the right product for your child.

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers: Regular Shoes Vs Water Shoes

There has been a constant debate about the difference between water shoes and regular shoes. People seem to see not much difference between the two while there is a mountain of distinction.

For starters, regular shoes tend to get heavy as soon as they come in contact with the water. Such is not a case with the water shoes as they are designed not to retain water in them at all. Most of these shoes have holes in them that do not allow water to sit inside and the material can provide excellent stability.

What Are The Different Types In Best Water Shoes For Toddlers?

Different manufacturers came up with their own version of water shoes. These days, you can find them in three prime types.

Your selection process should vary of a few key features such as terrains and comfort of the kid. If they like to run on rough grounds, then water shoes or sandals will do great justice. Otherwise, you can also select water socks which are incredibly comfortable, just not as rigid from beneath to work on flat surfaces.

#1. Water Socks

Just like the adult water socks, kids also have their own version of cute little water socks. While the structure is just like any regular socks, only that these are made with a more flexible material.

Putting them on is easy, and they stay in one place till the time you take them off. This product is excellent for fuzzy kids with overly sensitive skin. A beautiful pair of water socks are also great for snorkeling because they provide a layer of protection against the child’s feet.

The socks are especially helpful to the new walkers since there is no additional weight and allow the toddler to focus solely on the walking.

#2. Water Shoes

The kid’s water shoes are similar to that of water shoes for adults. They have an enhanced feature of water-friendly technology. The boots have a style of any other usual shoe, but these are made of plastic and mesh materials.

They dry really soon. The sole is pretty comfortable and allow the water to drain away pretty fast. About the bottom, they are made with high-quality material to enjoy superior traction and also work in sandy and rocky terrains.

The shoes give you great support and have a stunning looks to complement your day to day attire.

#3. Water Sandals

Water sandals are quite similar in construction as that of water shoes. However, the sandals are more open. Other than that, these are also made with excellent material and possess water-proofing tendencies.

Since there are holes in the sandals, make sure you apply the right amount of sunscreen to their feet to prevent discoloration due to sun and water. This will avoid tanning and strap burn too. Also, I might not be able to recommend them to wear on hot sand because the holes might open for burns while the child is playing in the sand.

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers

How To Buy The Best Water Shoes For Toddlers?

All the parents are extra vigilant about the products they pick for their kids. When you send your kids out to play at the beach, one of the major concerns is the protection of their feet. The sand is hot and they can slip from the wet rocks. So, what can be done?

The finest solution is water shoes that provide protection against slipping and give them stability on uneven terrains. At the same time, the concern about summer-heated sand and is also sorted with these shoes as they can withstand the harsh effect of sunlight and wet environment.

Now, when you know about the significance of water shoes, how about I get to the point and share some important information about this footwear. The data that I will share will help you in purchasing the right item.

#1. Material

There are a handful of materials suitable to construct water shoes. Mesh is the most common material as it makes the boots waterproof, and due to the holes, the drainage is natural. Most importantly that the material is lightweight and kids can take these sandals inside water, without worrying about the extra weight on the tiny feet. It does not rub the feet at all and stays at one place without making the child uncomfortable. It can be an ideal choice to make in water shoes.

Some companies also prefer rubber or plastic to make the soft part of the shoes. I don’t recommend these materials a lot because they rub against the sensitive skin of toddlers and might cause blisters. You can instead choose synthetic material that is super lightweight and specially designed for water activities.

#2. Sole Thickness

You should consider sole thickness, depending on the surface that you are planning to use the shoes. For example, if I am buying shoes for rocky terrains near the beach, then I would prefer thicker soles.

At the same time, if the location includes sandy beaches, then a thick slice of rubber on the bottom of the shoe can suffice.

It is quite competitive to find a right balance of sole thickness and weight. As the shoe sole keeps getting thicker, the shoes become heavier. The big shoes don’t give great balance to the child. Therefore, you need to look for the sole that is not extremely thick but safe enough to provide support and protection while roaming on the rocks.

#3. Easy To Use

While indulging in sports activities, kids don’t want shoes that are difficult to take off and put on. Since you cannot accompany them everywhere, it will be best if the children can wear shoes themselves. It is important to buy them with a pull tab on the heel as it is the simplest form of shoes that they can wear by themselves.

#4. Waterproofing

There are some aspects of the shoes to be completely waterproof. Firstly, there should be a drainage system in the shoe that extracts the water outside. This is usually possible through the sole that has tiny drainage holes.

With a sole insert, the water can exit while preventing the debris from accumulating in the shoe. Kids feel really comfortable when there is no water in the shoe to distract them.

The base should also be made of the waterproof material. Companies usually use rubber material for this purpose. The material gives excellent traction to the feet, and the water does not accumulate. Also, the material provides more cushion to the toddler while walking.

Best Water Shoes For Toddlers

10 Best Water Shoes For Toddlers

KEEN Newport H2 Sandals4.9
Globtouch Athletic Water Shoes5.0
ALEADER Kid's Slip-on Quick Dry Water Shoes4.7
iPlay Water Shoes4.5
Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal Water Shoe 4.6
Crocs Kid’s Swiftwater Water Sandals 4.6
London Fog Mud Puppies from Pool to Play Sneaker Sandal Water Shoes
Shopkins Girls Slip-on Water Shoes4.8
Minnow Design Toddler Water Shoes4.6
Pediped Canyon Dewberry4.7

So, in this section, I am going to give you my expert advice on toddler’s water shoes. These models discussed below are one-of-a-kind. You can pick any of these without worrying about your kid’s safety and comfort.

#1. KEEN Newport H2 Sandals

Keen has not only excelled in manufacturing high casual shoes for kids, but the brand has done exceedingly well in constructing high-quality water shoes with splendid features.

First of all, this is a unisex model. Coming to the style, there are many colors available in it that you can select. All the colors are bright and dark. You don’t have to worry about washing them every week as the shoes don’t appear extremely dusty.

The brand gave much emphasis on the bottom of the shoe. The sole is built like an athletic shoe to provide the highest traction. Also, there is decent support on the toe and heel area.

The upper is made with elastic lace and velcro closure. The material used in making dries out quickly, and it has built-in odor control technology. Irrespective to the hours your tod spends in the water, he is not bringing back home the pungent smell of the beach.

Furthermore, the anatomical support of the shoe is matchless. The removable footbed keeps your child at ease throughout the day.

The rubber sole provides proper support and protection to the kid from blisters and skin burns. Also, this model is 100% waterproof and will not bother your child with water inside.


100% waterproof

Great quality

Rubber sole

Adjustable fit

Odor control


They are not available in half sizes


#2. Globtouch Athletic Water Shoes

Globtouch has made this fabulous pair of water shoes for kids. Girls and boys, both can use these shoes. They are available in fashionable colors and flexible design. The style is so amazing that kids can wear these in replacement to the casual everyday shoes as well.

So, I will start with the rubber sole. It gives excellent traction and makes the shoes extremely suitable for all kind of water sports. Also, because of the rubber, your kid will be comfortable throughout the day.

There are seven holes in total on each bottom of the boots to ensure that water properly flows out. It does not let water collect inside the footwear. They dry out really fast and are super comfortable during in water.

The sole is also thick enough to protect the feet from getting hurt after stepping on rocks. Also, the arch support is excellent. The fabric is breathable and smooth for fine stretch.

This lightweight shoe hardly gives any trouble to the kids while walking. You can use these while surfing, in a water park, parasailing, boating, windsurfing, even jogging, or walking.


Great for various sport activities

Amazing arch support

Extremely lightweight

Holes for proper drainage of water


Might catch odor of the feet


#3. ALEADER Kid’s Slip-on Quick Dry Water Shoes

The Aleader pair of shoes for boys and girls is a little different from the typical water shoes. These feature a completely ventilated skin that allows feet to breathe and dry instantly.

There are beguiling colors available in this model to provide the maximum option to the buyers. These are made with mesh material. If you recall when I mentioned mesh to be the superior most material in water shoes earlier in this post. It gives a snug fit without chafing or rubbing the feet that most of the fabrics do.

The sole of these shoes immediately drains the water. Also, due to the holes on the sole, your kid will experience great traction especially when stepping on rocks. Since the water goes out, there is no room left for the debris. The sole of this shoe also does not retain any water.

There is a fast adjusting elastic strap that does not allow any slipping away of the shoe and holds the feet firmly. These are easy to wear and take off as you only have to pull up the tab from the heel. Kids will find wearing these shoes extremely simple by themselves.

The shoes are pretty comfortable and provide great support to the feet. Your child will never come to you with a complaint about these shoes.


Various colors available

Great in traction

Easy to wear



The design could have been better


#4. iPlay Water Shoes

iPlay is a fantastic brand to manufacture superior quality water shoes for kids and toddlers. This model is available in six mesmerizing colors.  You can also find versatility in sizes.

There is a comfortable shell, and thick sole used to make the shoes. They offer superior support and extreme comfort required on hard surfaces. Just like the former model discussed, this one is also made with neoprene mesh material due to which you can expect excellent breathability.

The material dries out really fast, proving to be the highest-quality water shoes in the market. These are so lightweight that toddlers will not even observe that they are wearing shoes.

The sole is made of thick rubber so that kids can step on any surface they want. Also, because of the sole, the traction is really incredible. The slipping is out of the question because the bottom of the shoe has firm control and grip.

The toddlers can wear them by themselves by just pulling the tabs from the heel. You can guide them, and in no time, you will find them helping themselves.

Kids are prone to remove their shoes really quick. Well, this one has got elastic on the top that holds the feet and does not run out. These feet hugging shoes will be your tod’s best friends.


Unparallel comfort

Firm grip

Amazing colors

Great traction


Buyers should be careful with the size


#5. Stride Rite Made 2 Play Phibian Sneaker Sandal Water Shoe

So, this pair is particularly for boys, and the design is really cool that will suit the personality of your little guy. The colors are available in abundance, and you can give him a wide range of selection to pick his favorite design.

The anti-microbial lining of the shoes will provide protection against bacterial growth. Also, there is no odor problem in the shoes as the coating keeps the odor away.

These are designed like a routine wear shoe, so the arch support is given great emphasis. The concoction of dry synthetic material and rubber gives excellent comfort and keep the boots dry to the best of its ability.

The sole also provides excellent traction to the feet and keep them secure and flexible. Also, the thickness of the sole will allow the child to step on any kind of terrain.

The pair has a high tendency to keep the water out and give the most comfortable experience to the child. You can choose this for prolonged usage.


Anti-microbial technology


Available in multiple colors

Soft inner lining


You might have to buy one size smaller


#6. Crocs Kid’s Swiftwater Water Sandals

Crocs are among the leading brands of the world that have mastered in designing and manufacturing top-notch quality shoes in crocs style. This is the most comfortable type of shoes that you can buy for your toddler boy.

The Croslite is made with a synthetic sole that provides the finest traction and comfort to the child. There are multiple holes on the upper of the crocs that do not let water to stay inside the sandals.

The lightweight sandals give sufficient room to the feet to breathe. They are flexible and also do not let debris get accumulated in the footwear. While wearing these, you can go anywhere on the ground or water and stay relaxed as the crocs will not make you uncomfortable in any state.

The half sizes are also readily available in this model. If you wish to purchase those, then this is the product that you should consider buying. Just make sure that your tod doesn’t go in steaming sand while wearing these because the holes will not be able to prohibit sand from touching the soft tiny feet.


Amazing fit

Great for all kind of activities


Extremely comfortable


Not suitable to wear in hot sand


#7. London Fog Mud Puppies from Pool to Play Sneaker Sandal Water Shoes

For boys, you might also appreciate this amazing product from London Fog. This one has also got all the significant features that you demand in the best water shoes for toddlers.

As far as designs and colors are concerned, the design is quite amazing and you can find multiple color options available for sale.

It comes with upper mesh and synthetic material to provide maximum breathability to the feet. The inner lining of the shoe is made with high-quality and water absorbent material. It dries up spontaneously and does not let water disturb your child’s routine.

Also, because these shoes remain water dried most of the time, you won’t have to worry about any harsh rashes or allergies.

The closed design is easy to wear and remove. You can also teach your child to pull up the string from the heel to put them on. The wide holes on the top of the sandals do not let water to sit inside the shoe. This is an impressive model that you can buy for your boy.


High support

Great color options available






#8. Shopkins Girls Slip-on Water Shoes

From the enchanting design of the shoes, you can imagine why all the toddler girls would love to have them. Well, mine was always after me for this purchase. However, we were fortunate enough that its overall quality was equally as good as the appearance of the shoes.

The shoes have stability and flexibility of athletic shoes. They are suitable for all kind of water activities. It is a simple slip-on style, and you only have to pull it from the back of the heel to wear. You just have to train your girl on how to wear these, and in no time she will start taking care of the wearing.

The flexibility and custom-fit of the shoes provide high comfort. Also, the rugged outsole ensures a stable and secure grip inside the water, unlike many other shoes.

The sole is suitably thick that does not increase the weight of the shoes but allow the child to put their feet on any kind of surface. This is among the most beautiful shoes that I have come across during my research. My daughter’s experience with these has been incredible.


Chic design

Highly comfortable


Stays at one place


Very limited color options


#9. Minnow Design Toddler Water Shoes

Minnow makes an exceptional choice for toddler water shoes. These are available in two different colors and has an unbeatable value. Basically, these are unisex socks that have a thicker bottom to provide comfortable standing and moving on different surfaces.

The lightweight socks do not add any extra weight to the tiny feet and provide the best protection against hot sand on the beach. You are not recommended to let the child go to the sharp rocks while wearing these. They are not suitable for such terrains.

The high-quality neoprene material is used in the construction of the shoes that gently hugs the little feet and does not let go. Since the material dries up faster, the skin of your child will be carefully protected. Unlike other models discussed, these shoes also have temperature control material that maintains the temperature of the feet in different weather conditions.

Yes, these socks do not have a rubber sole so don’t expect great support or traction. However, they do allow natural movement of the feet but provide protection at the same time.


Soft and allows natural movement

Unbeatable quality


The material dries up fast


Not suitable for rocky terrains


#10. Pediped Canyon Dewberry

So, the last model that I would like to describe is these sandals from Pediped. They don’t just come in multiple sizes but also have gender-specific colors available for the toddlers.

The inner lining is made of neoprene that does not allow stink to rest in the shoes. Mostly, people have complaints about the bad odor from wet shoes. However, this one comes with an exception. Also, it dries up really fast, so no harm comes to the feet.

While creating these water shoes, the brand was meticulous about the health of the tiny feet of toddlers. They also got the product certified from the American Podiatric Medical Association for promoting healthy foot development.

The sole is made of a rugged material that allows the children to run on any surface they want. The feet are protected and secured all the time. Also, the shoes provide natural movement, without posing a lot of weight on toddler’s feet.


Comes in amazing colors

Great comfort

Suitable for boys and girls

Fast in drying


The style could have been better



So, as I mentioned earlier, I got my kids a few of these shoes. One thing, my children, get bored with shoes very soon. So, I have to buy multiple pairs for them.

Well, the one that left me speechless is Keens Newport. The brand genuinely gets what a parent wants in their toddler’s water shoes. Whether it is about providing support and stability to the feet or traction for a better experience, you will find it all in this model.

There are plenty of colors available, so whether you have a toddler boy or a girl, the colors are available for both of them.

The others in the list are also quite robust in performance and exceptional value of your money. Try any of the recommendations from above and bring home an excellent pair of best water shoes for toddlers today.

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